Topics of Interest


Analog/RF and Mixed Signal Circuits

OpAmps, filters; Nonlinear circuits; Voltage and current references; HV circuits; Nonlinear analog circuits; Digitally assisted analog circuits. RF/IF building blocks like LNAs, mixers, power amplifiers, IF amplifiers; Power detectors; Subsystems for RF, mm-wave and THz design with focus on novel design techniques, Modulators/demodulators; VCOs; PLLs; DLLs; Frequency synthesizers; Frequency dividers; Integrated passive components, A/D and D/A converters.


Digital Circuits

Techniques for energy efficient and high performance digital circuits; VLSI circuits and Systems; I/O and inter-chip communication; Reconfigurable digital circuit; Security and encryption circuits; Clocking; Arithmetic building blocks; Memories; Microprocessors; DSPs; Memory interfacing; Bus interfacing; Many core and multirate ICs; 3D integration, embedded design, FPGAs, Circuit modeling, Memristive circuits, Unconventional computing, Approximate computing, Nonlinear and chaotic circuits.


Nonlinear Circuits and Systems

Nonlinear circuit’s theory; Chaotic models and attractors; Novel computation algorithms for studying nonlinear circuits; Nonlinear circuit simulation; Modelling of chaotic phenomena with nonlinear circuits; Bifurcation and chaos in nonlinear circuits; Time-delayed chaotic systems; Control of oscillations and chaos; Chaotic synchronization; Estimation of chaos in signals; Chaotic optoelectronics; Chaotic secure communication systems; Chaos and multi-channel communication; Chaotic cryptosystems; Chaotic neural networks; Chaotic power electronics; Memristors and memristive systems; Fractional order circuits and systems; Applications of nonlinear circuits and systems;


Device and Circuit modeling 

Transistor current models, parasitic capacitance models, timing models, power consumption models, noise models, Cell models, memristor models



Systems and Applications

VLSI Systems, System on Chip (SoC), Cyber-physical systems, IoT platforms, IoT application, CAD tools, Embedded systems, System architectures, System modeling, Image processing and Multimedia systems, Signal processing applications, Control systems, Mechatronics and Robotics, Neural networks and Fuzzy systems,  Nonlinear and Chaotic systems, Bioengineering systems.


Sensors and sensing systems

Sensor Interfacing, Instrumentation, Biomedical Circuits and Healthcare Systems, Low Noise Circuits, EMI Immune Design, Autocalibration Techniques, Wearable Electronics, Autonomous Sensors Systems

Automotive electronics


Medical electronics


Flexible and printed electronics


Emerging Technologies and Devices
Quantum Computing, Neuromorphic Computing, Synaptic Devices, New Age Nano-Electronics, MEMS Devices, GaN and SiC Devices


Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and their Applications

VLSI for AI, AI for VLSI, AI Accelerators, Edge Computing, TinyML, Approximate Computing, Autonomous Intelligence (ADAS), AI ethics, AI Security, AI Resilience, Energy Efficient AI


Communication systems

Wireless communication systems,  Microwave and wireless technologies, Antennas,  Propagation, indoor/outdoor links, Scattering and measurements, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), MICs/MMICs, Optical communications, Remote sensing applications, Bioeffects, RF exposures, and Medical Application, Receivers/transmitters/transceivers for wireless/wireline systems, Radar systems, RF channel modeling and analysis, RFID and sensor networks, Optimization Methods in EM Designs, Wake-up radio design and testing: Ultra low-power radio transceivers, Energy-consumption models for radio devices, Energy harvesting mechanisms for radio devices, Hardware and transmission protocol co-design for energy efficient-wireless communications, Co-design for energy-efficient data compression/transmission techniques for real-word sensor data.

 Network Systems

Wireless and mobile networks, Mesh, ad hoc, and sensor networks, Vehicular ad hoc networks and intelligent transportation systems, Mobile applications, system software and algorithms - Technologies for Future Internet, Network protocols and architectures, Network management, Autonomous and self-organized networks, Machine-to-machine networking, Cloud computing and networking, Software-defined networking and network function virtualization,  Content distribution networks, Mobile Internet applications, Security, trust, and privacy challenges User-centric networking, Social networking, crowdsourcing, cloud services, E-services and smart cities, Green networking, Energy efficient MAC and transmission protocols for ultra low-power radios.


Power Electronics and Management

High Power Circuits, Power Convertors, Power Optimization Techniques, Power Delivery Networks, Power Switches, High Voltage Circuits and Systems, Power Management for High Voltage Applications, Power Amplifiers, Energy transducers; Power regulators; DC-DC converters; Energy-scavenging circuits; LDOs Boost-buck-converters; LED drivers; Sequencers and supervisors; Green electronics.


Imagers, MEMS, Medical & Displays

Sensor subsystems and interfaces; Accelerometers; Temperature sensing; Imaging and smart imaging chips; AMOLED; MEMs subsystems; RF MEMs; Implantable electronic ICs; Bio-medical imagers; Bio-MEMs integratedsystems; Lab-on-chip; Organic LED and liquid-crystal-display interface circuits; Flat panel and projection displays.


Radiation Front Ends (Nuclear and Space Application).

Data Acquisition and Analysis Circuits and Systems , Trigger and Front-End Systems, Detectors Architecture and Instrumentation, Radiation/ Semiconductor Detectors: Tracking, Imaging, and Spectroscopy, Measurements and Monitoring Techniques, Radiation Hardness, Radiation Damage Effects on Electronic Systems.


Education in Circuits, Systems and Communications